Visual Asset Management

The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data.

The Economist, May 6th 2017
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Applications Expertise

As a Visual Asset Management specialist, we address the business needs of our clients in relation to the different applications and markets.

Our diverse client base spans a range of industry and government sectors. Benefiting from our industry-specific knowledge, competitive pricing and market insight, clients can create stunning projects and services on our innovative online platform VAM2.
We shape our services around our clients’ needs, providing online solutions and unparalleled guidance for managing, sharing and delivering all of their digital assets.
  • Gas and Oil Documentation
  • Asset Insurance Documentation
  • Decommissioning
  • Mining Documentation
  • Construction Site Documentation
  • Crime Scene Documentation
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • Fire Documentation and Investigation
  • Safety and Security Training
  • Interactive Training Manuals
  • Facility Management
  • Cultural Heritage Documentation
  • Multimedia Art Exhibition
  • Real Estate & Restoration
  • Listed Building Documentation
  • Surveillance
construction site with cranes

Construction site documentation

Seismic with four people

Mining and drilling preparation

tunnel with man in orange jacket

Tunnel and Subway documentations

construction site with workers

Construction progress and piping documentations

ship on field of water

Ship repair and decomissioning planning

do not cross sign

Crime scene documentations

offshore oil rig

Oil and gas documentation and security training

nuclear plant

Nuclear power plant safety planning and decomissioning


Multimedia knowledge management

ancient statue on the bottom of the sea

Archaeology documentation, archiving and presentation

Technological Compatibility

  • 360° Images
  • Photogrammetrical Images
  • Orthophotos
  • 3D Pointclouds
  • 3D Models
  • 360° Videos
  • Audio Files
  • Geo-References
  • URLs
  • Documents and Spreadsheets
  • Maps
  • Satellite Images
  • WebCams
  • Aerial Imaging
  • Smart Sensors
  • CAD data
Don’t let software limit your work Always choose the best weapons for your jobs.
With VAM2 you can manage all the results on one platform.
Our technology solutions ensure our clients’ and end-users’ needs are met in a constantly-evolving digitalization process.
two man in orange suits with civetta camera

360° photogrammetry

pen and paper

Laser scans

finger with touch

Digital documents, tables, drawings

i-detic 3d laser scanner

3D stereo

weiss ag megascrops

3D object scanning

computer keyboard and screens

Drone imagery and 3D reconstruction

man with camera and hat


ship on field of water

360° video

man with gps antenna

GPS and Georeferencing

construction site with birds

Photo, audio, video

Technological Compatibility

One place for all your digital assets

Build your personal multimedia library with VAM2, accessible from virtually anywhere.

Create & Upload

Step 1 content collection and upload

Collect all your digital assets

Upload every file format to combine laser-scans with 360° images, videos, audio, documents, and whatever you need to create your projects.

Fast, accurate and without limitations.

Manage & Structure

Step 1 content collection and upload

Build your project’s DNA.

Add names, tags, descriptions, links, annotations, georeferencing, sensors, webcams and more to get the most out of your projects.

Work in teams to structure your assets in realtime.

Collaborate & Deliver

Step 3 publish and deliver your digital twin.

Share your digital twin.

Publish as a standalone project to transfer over on any data storage. Give specified access to projects on your server.

Publish to a web-server and share with the world at the click of a button.


Our VAM2 Software as a Service offerings

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Looking for more?

40, 400 or 4000 users?   Petabytes of storage?   A self-hosted installation?

What our clients say about VAM2

MG Tech Ltd.

VAM2 is in permanent use, and we run our instance in the Huawei cloud. Without VAM2, we could not do what we do with our old city project.
In this project, up to 10 documentation teams are permanently traveling to document ancient villages and cultural heritage buildings. The results are then all managed in VAM2 and published to the Web.
– Zhao Ling Jie, CEO of MG Tech Ltd. Home 1

Hochschule Kaiserslautern

Up to 100 students can work simultaneously with VAM2. We use VAM2 in education for virtual design, architecture, interior design, as well as for research.
– Prof. Matthias Pfaff Hochschule Kaiserslautern Home 2


VAM2 is a versatile Visual Asset Management tool applicable in many different industries. Its rich data input capabilities and fast streaming features make it top choice for those who are looking for vivid visualization of their assets. VAM2 allows you to explore details of your assets without having to be in the same location.
– Bora Sayin, managing partner Solvotek International LLC Home 3