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EU Research Project

VAM2 is the management and exchange platform in the EU project BEYOND MATTER.

BEYOND MATTER is an international, interdisciplinary project on the revival of past landmark exhibitions, the documentation of current exhibitions, and the dissemination of documentation along with actual artworks – both materially and immaterially present – in innovative ways.

The project with excellent partners started in October 2019 and is supported for 3,5 years by the European Union.

The Centre Pompidou and the ZKM rank position 3 and 4 of the worlds most influencial museums. – ArtsFacts.net


Infotrax Engineering

Infotrax is the largest provider for documentation in the Gas and Oil market in Malaysia and VAM2 is the perfect tool to combine all our sensor data, mainly Laserscans, maps drawings, and 360° images under one roof without limitations.
Shamshur Abd Aziz, COO of Infotrax LTD Examples 1

MG Tech Ltd.

VAM2 is in permanent use, and we run our instance on the Huawei cloud. Without VAM2, we could not do what we do with our old city project. In this project, up to 10 documentation teams are permanently traveling to document ancient villages and cultural heritage buildings. The results are then all managed in VAM2 and published to the Web.
– Zhao Ling Jie, CEO of MG Tech Ltd. Examples 2

Hochschule Kaiserslautern

Up to 100 students can work simultaneously with VAM2. We use VAM2 in education for virtual design, architecture, interior design, as well as for research.
– Prof. Matthias Pfaff Hochschule Kaiserslautern Examples 3


Observing the market for many years now, we found VAM2 is the number one solution for our tasks, and their continuous development and improvement makes them an excellent partner to deal with.
– Darin Williams Founder and CEO of Map-It


Providing the results of our documentation projects to our clients as a VAM2 tour guarantees the highest user satisfaction. VAM2 is all we need for our work.

– Per Erik Berger, Founder and CEO of Apiteq Examples 4


VAM2 is a versatile Visual Asset Management tool applicable in many different industries. Its rich data input capabilities and fast streaming features make it top choice for those who are looking for vivid visualization of their assets.VAM2 allows you to explore details of your assets without having to be in the same location.
– Bora Sayin, managing partner Solvotek International LLC Examples 5