Functions & Features

Do things you couldn’t do before. Do these things even better.

VAM2 has many functions and here are some that our clients like most.

Manage all file-formats

No limitations or upload restrictions for any file formats.

Access via Web Browser

All you need is a browser to upload, find, view and share relevant informations from virtually anywhere.

Place Visual Links

Link every asset to photos, 360°-images, 3D- pointcloud and models, maps, and documents.

Measure in 360° Images

Measure absolute distances and angles in 360° image pairs.

Work with 3D Pointclouds

Fly through huge 3D point clouds, place links, adopt visibility and take measurements.

Investigate 3D Models

View 3D models, place links and anaylse textures.

Read all Major Document Formats

More than 60 formats including old and outdated versions are displayed in the browser.

Orient 360° Images

Locate 360° images on maps with dynamic radar.

Play 360° Video

Play 360° videos in multiple resolutions even with VR support.

Play Audio Files

Link voice notes, machine sounds, and messages to other assets.

Geo Reference Assets

Reference all your assets by adding WSG84 coordinates.

Tag Assets

Add tag numbers, barcodes and QR codes to your assets.

Customize Hotspots

Individualize icons and colors of your hotspots.

Define the Look and Feel

Define viewing directions, positions, angles, zoom, visibility and much more.

Work on Multiple Platforms

VAM2 is platform independent and can be operated with PC, MAC, iOS, Linux, Android and more.

Work on Multiple Devices

Operate VAM2 via Smartphone, Tablet, Notebook, PC or Mac.

Navigate with Touchscreens

Multi-touch operation on your smartphone, tablet, touchscreen or smartboard.

Search Multilingual

Multilingual search for assets, descriptions, tags, numbers and more.

Work in Your Prefered Language

Switch between languages or use the in-browser translation for hundreds of languages.

Share Deep Links

Direct link sharing provides others with the access to a specific project view.

One-click Publishing for Websites

Publish you projects on our free web server.

One-click Publishing of Standalone Projects

Use your projects offline, deliver over or present to partners and clients, or upload them wherever you need them.

Ensure Data Privacy

Database server and data backups are stored exclusively in server farms located in Germany.

Secure Your Client-Server Communication

VAM2 uses 256 Bit SSL end-to-end encryption.

Choose your Prefered Support

Support via ticket-system, email, chat or phone.

Always Work with your latest Project Data

Real-time access to all your digital assets in the latest version. Ensures that everyone works with the up-to-date level of knowledge.