VAM2 release notes


October 12th, 2020
The team of Weiss AG is proud to announce the release of VAM2 in the Version 2.4.2.
We have been working closely with our product managers, researchers, and designers to build what we believe will provide the most value to our users of VAM2.
At Weiss AG, we are continuously integrating new modules and functionalities to help our clients boost their projects.
At present we have more then 200 new functionalities and modules on our wishlist and need to prioritize. Therefore we need the input from you, the real world user. Posting your comments and suggestions, in the VAM2 community is highly appreciated.
For this release, besides bug-fixing and language updates, we implemented the following features:

360° multi-row spin-viewer and image importer

VAM2 now supports multi-row 360° image sets. Based on the image numbering structure, VAM2 combines image sets to one archive suitable for fast display in high resolution inside the spin viewer. These individual sets are available for download as .zip archive also. The image descriptions used in the output of machines like those from Photorobot are implemented for direct import.
The cool feature is that you do not need to use the whole spin view set. If you want to use only some selected views (for example, beauty shots from the front, back, top, bottom, and diagonal), upload the relevant images. It does not affect the viewer’s operation in any way.

Multi-project publishing module with advanced user rights

As we use incremental updates, small changes in massive projects can be published in a fraction of a second.
The procedure of organizing and managing published projects works with one single Publishing Module. Once set up, the user can publish and update any number of projects with a button click.

New database engine for remarkably faster initial opening of projects

The new database engine has a different indication system. For a project with a severe amount of assets, we could achieve a remarkable increase in loading speed of up to times 20 upon the first opening for editing in the back-end.

New upload module now supporting partial file uploads

In the former version, upon temporary loss of internet connection, every file that was not completely uploaded had to be uploaded again from scratch. Now, VAM2 automatically re-connects and proceeds with the upload from the point of interruption.

Copyright flag function for protected content

VAM2 users always work with copyright-protected data. Especially in cultural heritage and art-related projects, the type of copyright of the content must be dominantly visible to prevent content from being falsely published. The copyright indication system allows the administrator to define the individual naming structure as directly compatible with other systems and workflows in use.

Permanent deletion of projects by project creators

One of the basic ideas of VAM2 was that the command “delete” for assets or projects should not erase the data from the database but only make it invisible. This procedure ensures that the administrator can restore falsely deleted data at any time. Permanent deletion to free storage space was only possible for the VAM2 administrator. Upon request, we enhanced the user right management to grant editors the right to delete projects permanently.

Enhanced user management

We integrated the possibilities to define an upload data limit and the number of processing slots available for the individual user. Per standard, VAM2 distributes upload- and processing-slots upon a first-come, first-serve basis. When upload and processing time are limiting factors in collaborating groups, the load balancing can be prioritized for individual users to speed up specific projects.

User upload statistic and upload size summaries

List view with all assigned users, creation date, and project size with search functions.

Incremental backup to external storage devices and cloud storage

Incremental backup on external storage devices had to be manually and individually set up, what was demanding even for experienced system administrators. Now the VAM2administrator can set up event-triggered incremental backups to external storage devices like a NAS or cloud storage space in 1 simple step.

Latest browser communication technologies for even higher security and performance

At Weiss AG, we are continually checking browser updates and their influence on VAM2. We officially support Chrome, Firefox, and Edge and implement the latest technology updates for secure and performant operation.
Release Note 1

New Help & Support section with revised User Manual and Video Tutorials

Multi-lingual support and contact channels

Due to our very international client base the VAM2 online documentation is now available in 11 major languages.