Enable better remote monitoring for your worksite ever since the COVID-19

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Many of us didn’t expect it is not government policy but a pandemic that accelerates remote monitoring for a worksite in all industries. A restricted number of people being presented in the workspace, difficulties in communication and information exchange, the greater cost of management and operation…. These were once the words we used to describe an offshore oil platform, not an ordinary workforce. No matter which industries you are working for, B2B or B2C, product sellers or service providers, many start to be aware of the importance of remote monitoring of their working space and other physical assets.

What is remote monitoring of sites and assets?

Many industries and companies have been heavily relying on remote monitoring of sites and assets, even in the pre-pandemic era. You can’t be at the workspace 24/7, or physically access two workspaces simultaneously; yet with the visual asset management(VAM2) platform, various stakeholders can remotely monitor its assets in a digital format. Modular digital twins creating the workspace or production line can be integrated with the VAM2 and connected with other assets to create a smart workforce. Remote monitoring of sites including facility management, building maintenance, risk detection, resource allocation, project tracking and digital operations.

How can a Visual Asset Management System help?

1. Comprehensive documentation to support better communication.

Implement different methods to document different types of assets that can produce a useful and comprehensive portfolio for your subject. For instance, by combining a 3D digital twin and VR virtual tour of the building or scene, the project management team can access and analyze building information and building room plan via the visual asset management system. A digital portfolio of a workforce or physical asset can have many uses accordingly, such as floor planning, building maintenance, usage evaluation, IP recording, law enforcement or construction development.

Developing a VAM2 portfolio is also useful for providers and companies to manage their buildings/offices in different locations. The team in the headquarter can also better communicate with the local team.

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2. Keep track of project performance status and manage productivity

With the VAM2, different teammates or stakeholders can upload other supportive files throughout the project’s different status. On top of that, digital assets in the project can virtually be linked together via URLs. The team can use a 3D model of the building/land as the map to guide the rest of the viewer to navigate the entire project, as well as its essential geographical and background information.

Given different authorization levels, the manager can decide different user rights and assign it to different departments or team members. All parties can see the project status with real-time updates. The project manager can actively aware of the project progress and whether involvement is needed.

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3. Support maintenance periodically and minimize risk

Many companies have commonly used VAM2 for maintenance purposes. A comprehensive digitized portfolio is the first step for facility maintenance and risk detection. Through marking or noting a specific spot on the digital assets, engineers or maintenance team from different sites can avoid misunderstanding and simplify the communication process.

A digitalized file like RGB 3D point clouds, mesh or HDR panorama images can also be used for further investigation and evaluation to detect cracks, holes and other damages that cannot be quickly observed and documented with the traditional methods.

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4. Develop Safety response and better floor plan design

Given the building or physical facilities’ digital twins, the management team can develop a safety response in case of unexpected circumstances, such as the global pandemic or terrorist attack. With VAM2, one can also use other documents and files as a reference on top of the digital assets, including legal papers, videos, webcams, and more. New floor plan can be simulated based on the existing or past floor plan design of the facilities, which can all be accessed on the VAM2.

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5. Efficient resources management – human, capital, time.

Creating a visual asset management system is more like an investment for more efficient resource management. The VAM2 can visually represent the company’s status or project’s status and how many staff, space, and machinery are available. With clear references from the platform, the management team can prioritize some of the tasks and ensure different parties use the most updated materials. It also saves on travel costs as one can actively view the sites any time they want.

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How to maximize the impact of Visual Asset Management in your workforce?

– Produce digital twins of your physical assets along with your document and records

– Visually connect your assets to enable better access.

– Real-time update with teammates and partner to support better collaboration.

– Provide different authorization and accessibility for different parties.

– Make use of your digital portfolio in the long-term.

– Use the digital assets portfolio as a reference for decision-making or project planning.

– Measure and evaluate its impacts and adjust the workflow.

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Who are some of the existing users of VAM2?

Shell USA first approached the Weiss AG team and sought a visual asset management solution ever since 2011. In the past ten years, VAM2 has been updated and widely used by clients from the oil&gas, aviation, police/fire station, government institutions, construction team, cultural heritage groups, museums, and many more. Popular clients including Shell(several countries and regions), BP, Fugro, Equinor, FBI, NVIDIA, SINVFX, BMW Design Group, Solibra,

TÜV Rheinland Group, DFKI – Research Center for Artificial Intelligence, Seawell, Aker Solutions, Tyre24, ATF Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms Beijing National Museum, Imperial Palace, Ministry of interior Katar, Saudi Aramco.

Some other clients are not willing to be publicly listed.

Contact us if you are interested in developing your VAM2 solutions.

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