2. Project List Tutorial

2.1 Help and Support

By pressing the question mark Help and Support button on the top right, you can get additional information about the software version, and you will also find the user guide.

Project List – Help & Support

2.2 User Menu

Once you have successfully logged in, you will find the user menu in the upper right corner. You can logout or choose between five languages (English, Arabic, Spanish, French, or Chinese).

Project List – User Menu

2.3 Create Open Delete Projects

2.3.1 Create Project

cursor on a project

A new window opens where you can enter the title for the new project and press the Create Project button.

an enter field for project name

The new project is created and opened and you can immediately start working.

2.3.2 Open Project

To open a project, select your project from the list and press the Open Project button. This will close the current project and you can start working on the new project.
This way, you can easily switch between projects.

cursor on project for opening projects

2.3.3 Delete Project

Projects can be deleted by selecting a project from the project list and pressing the Delete Project button.

cursor on delete project with red x mark

To prevent accidental deletion, you must confirm that you want to delete the project by entering the project title in the Delete Project window.

confirmation field for deleting project

Note that only the creator of the project and users with admin rights have the permission to delete entire projects.

Project List – Create | Open | Delete | Projects