3. Upload Manager

The Upload Manager is the area where you can add all your files to your project.
You can Upload any digital file format, but only supported file types can be displayed by the viewers of the VAM2 software.
If an asset type is not supported, it can be uploaded as a generic file and afterward be linked and downloaded to be viewed and edited outside VAM2 as long as you have installed the required third-party software.
These generic files are shown in yellow color and have an empty document icon.
You can access the Upload Manager by pressing the Upload Manager button.

3.1 Adding Files

Press the Add Files button to add files to your project.

cursor on Add Files button

An explorer window opens, and you can navigate to the required assets, select the desired files (single- or multi-select) and press the Open button.

explorer window displaying files to add

Once you have confirmed your selection, the chosen asset is added to your upload list. By pressing the Start all uploads or Start button, all selected file(s) will be uploaded, converted and stored in the database.

two files up for selection

It is also possible to drag and drop single files, multi-selected files or complete folders to your VAM2 browser window and all files get added to the upload list.

Upload Manager – Adding Files

3.2 Assigning file types

Usually, VAM2 automatically detects the file type and shows a respective icon in front of your filename.
These are images, documents, videos, 3D models, point clouds, generic files, 360° spheres, and measurement pairs.
You can find a list of supported file types here:

All Supported Fileformats

Generic File /Raw Asset
If your filetype is not supported by our viewers (e.g., proprietary file formats) or is not visually presentable (e.g., a .zip archive), you can still up- and download these files.
In this way, any file can be exchanged among users, regardless of size and filetype.

Upload Manager – Assigning file types

3.3 [360°] Panoramas Measurement Pairs

Important: If your asset is a spherical image (360° panorama) or a measurement pair (two 360° images, which only varies in the height they were recorded to allow distance measurements) you have to specify the file type manually.
Otherwise, the 360° images are shown as flat projections. Therefore, select your spheres in the list and press the right mouse button on it.
You can choose to convert them into a spherical image (one sphere) or a measurement pair (2 spheres).
Be aware that if assets are defined as file type measurement pairs, you have to choose the two images that belong together (upper and lower position).

two files selected with a context menu

Upload Manager – 360° Panoramas

a selected measurement pair

Once you press the measurement pair button, the two spheres will be summarized in one measurement pair file.
The arrow left of your measurement pair icon can be expanded to see the components of the measurement pair.

a selected measurement pair with content menu

You can multi-select all spheres to convert at once.
For measurement pairs, you must sort your files in advance. Since VAM2 summarizes the measurement pairs in alphabetical order, it is necessary to ensure that upper and lower positions stand one above the other.
We recommend an ascending enumeration for your files with alternating up and down sphere-positions.
You can rename files by pressing the right mouse button on the asset and choose rename. A new window will open where you can enter a new title for your asset.

cursor over measurement pair asset

The result should look like this:

a list of measurement pair files as a result

Start the upload by pressing the Start button for every single file or use the Start all uploads button on the left.

Upload Manager – Measurement Pair

3.4 Upload Process

Once you start your upload, all files will be saved as original files in the database (used for the original file download).
The assets become automatically converted into a VAM2 viewer compatible format, which allows large files to be displayed at high speeds even with a slow internet connection.
The blue progress bar shows the uploading progress, and the yellow progress bar shows the processing status.

VAM2 upload manager with files uploading

The upload is finished when all progress bars have disappeared, and all assets have a green hook icon.
Now you can view your uploaded assets by pressing the Show Asset button on the right side or switch to the Media Manager to proceed with your project.
New assets can be added to your project anytime.

finished uploads of files

3.4.1 Additional options

Items per page
If uploading a large number of assets, the displayed items per page can be adjusted from 20 up to 200, and you can switch among your upload-list pages.

Pause Uploads
The upload of files can be paused and resumed anytime.

paused uploads of files

Cancel files
Incorrectly added files can be removed quickly by selecting them, pressing the Cancel selected button and confirming your action in the next window.

cursor over cancel uploads

Clean list
The Clean list button removes finished and failed uploads from the upload list.

a cleaned files list

Upload Manager – Upload Process