Making the complicated simple
since 2008

In 2011 we were approached by Shell USA to develop a Visual Asset Management application.
The beginning of the first purely web browser based VAM system.

Who We Are

Weiss AG is a German High-Tech company with the legal form of a stock company.

The founder team has been pioneering VAM technologies since 2003 and founded Weiss AG in 2008.

Our in-depth market knowledge and trust coupled with our flexibility, adaptability, and entrepreneurial spirit helps our clients maximize opportunities and master the challenge of managing, sharing, publishing, and finding digital assets without limitations.

What We Do

As a High-Tech company, our business objectives are the development, manufacturing and distribution of professional 3D and 360° capturing hardware and software for image processing and Visual Asset Management.

Our first product, the Civetta, is a professional 360° photogrammetry camera and the 6th generation is still world leading in resolution, precision and speed.

The Megascops is a stationary 3D scanner designed for object scanning in museums.

One of our latest hardware projects is the I-Detic, a portable high resolution 3D scanner, used to capture 3D point clouds, orthophotos and more.

And with our latest Software as a Service offering for VAM2, clients can use our technologies virtually anytime from anywhere, with our basic design rule: Making the complicated simple.


stereo photogrammtry 360° camera
The Civetta is a fully automated – one button – 360° camera creating 230 Megapixel full spherical 32-bit High Dynamic Range (HDR) images.
As a result, if you are in 360° photogrammetry there is no better technology you can buy.


Plug & Play handheld 3D Scanner
The I-Detic is a portable Plug and Play industrial 3D scanner designed to capture areas, objects and scenes.
To achieve high resolution and high quality full color 3D point clouds, 3D models and orthophotos suitable for indoor and outdoor operation.


Fully automated 3D capturing station
A spherical system for automatic 3D model reconstruction of museum artifacts.
Creating a high-precision texture-mapped 3D objects. No material or surface texture restrictions.

Our Clients & Partners

We have clients and partners globally on all five continents.

Our diverse user base ranges from Fortune 500 companies to SME´s and Micro-enterprises. We also serve Government institutions such as Law enforcement agencies, Universities, and the largest Museums in the world.

As of today, Weiss AG has a network of sales and support partners in 16 countries world-wide.

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