Frequently Asked Questions

Data rights and privacy settings 3 questions
  • Can I use the project I created with the test account?

    Your projects and your assets will always be your assets, and we will be happy if you already create your first paid projects within the test period.

  • Where are the servers located?

    We only use server physically located in Germany and do not create any copies outside.

  • What data security methods do you have?

    We only work together with the highest rated server farms. Our applications have 256 Bit end-to-end encryption, and every account has a physically separated, incremental backup. As a German Stock company, we are not only obliged but also controlled to follow the German Data safety and security laws that count to the most strict ones world-wide.

Payment help 4 questions
Subscription help 3 questions
  • When can I cancel the subscription?

    You can cancel your subscription any time, and you will receive a reminder email before your subscription renews.

    1. Go to your Account
    2. Click on the Subscription tab
    3. Click on Cancel
  • How do I cancel my subscription?

    If you are unsatisfied with our service, you can cancel your subscription any time.

    1. Log in to your Account Page.
    2. Click my subscription
    3. Click on the view button on the right.
    4. Under Actions click on cancel

    Our team has to confirm the cancellation which may take 1-3 working days. You will still be able to use VAM2 till the paid date.

  • How do I reactivate my Account?
    1. Log in to your Account Page.
    2. Click my subscription
    3. Click reactivate


    This button does not show if you have an active subscription.

VAM2 General 3 questions
  • Do I have to install VAM2?

    No. After purchasing a package, we will set up a server for you. After the setup is complete and your account activated, you will be able to log in VAM2 with the LOGIN INFORMATION you created during checkout.

    1. Go to my account.
    2. On your dashboard you can find the log in link to VAM2.
  • What are the minimum system requirements to use VAM2?

    Editing and viewing is supported for all devices, all platforms and all operation systems, even with touch support.
    As long as your system can run an up to date web-browser.
    Google Chrome
    Microsoft Edge
    Mozilla Firefox

  • Does VAM2 offer touch support

    VAM2 can be operated from all devices and all platforms and is equipped with multi-touch support.

    The only limitation for mobile devices is that we disabled the measurement function for accuracy reasons.

VAM2 team help 3 questions
  • How do I invite people into my team?
    1. Log in to your Account Page.
    2. Click teams.
    3. Notice: This field only appears if you bought the Agency or Enterprise package.

    4. Click add member.
      1. You can generate and send invite links to potential team members
      2. Or add members by inviting them via Mail.
      3. Notice: You can assign a role to the member. managers can also add or remove members of the team.

    5. Click add member.
  • How do I remove people from my team?
    1. Log in to your Account Page.
    2. Click teams.
    3. Notice: This field only appears if you bought the Business or Enterprise package.

    4. Click members.
    5. Next to the member: Click remove.
  • Does everyone in my team need a VAM2 subscription?

    No. In the “Agency” Package, a single license is needed and the owner of said license, can choose to take a place in the team.
    A team of maximum four is possible in the Agency package.
    8 Users are possible in the Enterprise package.

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